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What are the flavors?

Chocolate Menu

.        Earl Greymilk & dark chocoloate ganache infused with earl grey tea and bergamot. (oval swirl with “s” design)
.        Grand Marnierdark chocolate ganache combined with Grand Marnier liquor and fresh orange zest. (wood grain oval)
.        Cashew Caramel W/ Sea Saltroasted cashews, topped with butterscotch caramel, covered in milk chocolate and a sprinkle of French sea salt.
.        Peanut Butter Pretzelpeanut butter gianduja truffle rolled in crushed, salted pretzels.
.        “Truffle” Truffle70% dark chocolate ganache infused with white truffle oil rolled in French cocoa powder.
.        CognacChocolate ganache flavored with fine cognac. (round with gold specks)
.        AztecDark chocolate ganache infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, and chili peppers. (oval Aztec with orange decoration)
.        Black Sesame TahiniSesame tahini filling with honey and black sesame brittle. (oval with black sesames)
.        Peanut BrittleSlow cooked peanut brittle dipped in milk chocolate.
.        Roesmary Caramel... Gooey caramel filling infused with fresh rosemary covered in milk chocolate.
.        Green FairyDark chocolate ganache flavored with real absinthe and anise.

All chocolates are made in small batches with 100% natural and fresh ingredients and have a shelf life of two weeks.